Smart chemical industry

Improve process level, increase efficiency and energy saving,

and provide safe and stable service

Solution overview

With the development of the economy and the continuous expansion of the scale of chemical enterprises, due to the particularity of chemical enterprises, chemical production machinery and equipment are becoming more sophisticated and complex, and the scale of chemical equipment is becoming larger and more automated, so the purchase cost is expensive, and the equipment maintenance costs continue Increase, the loss of production stoppage cannot be ignored. In particular, the current chemical group is facing a severe form of shortage of funds, product backlogs, and difficulties in returning funds, and has no money to update and renovate equipment that has been scrapped and overdue. If a chemical company wants to survive and develop, it must have its own equipment management system. Only in this way can the level of competitiveness of the company be improved and the company can be in an unbeaten position in market competition. As a management method, the informatization of enterprise equipment management is the inevitable choice for enterprises to carry out modern management and the only way for enterprises to carry out equipment reform.

Co-construction and sharing of resources

Utilize existing data resources, take business as the main line, and promote the integration and sharing of information resources in accordance with the “one count, one source, joint construction and sharing” approach; integrate existing network and software and hardware resources to achieve scientific configuration and comprehensively improve safety production information level.

Ensure key needs

In line with the development needs of various fields of production safety, the construction of safety production supervision, emergency rescue and other businesses has urgent needs, high business relevance, conditions and good comprehensive benefits, and key engineering projects are advanced in an orderly manner.

Safe and reliable integration

Pay attention to system security and information confidentiality, complete backup and recovery mechanisms, coordinate and coordinate construction as a whole, so that the entire system becomes a unified whole and realize information sharing and association.

Smart chemical industry solution advantages

  • Establish and improve the equipment inspection management system to provide inspection marks and basis for equipment scheduled maintenance. Realize the whole process monitoring and tracking management from the start of equipment alarm to the end of disposal.
  • Foresee equipment failure. Timely early warning, timely prevention or elimination of faults, and timely guidance for operation and maintenance, to ensure the reliability, safety and effectiveness of equipment operation.
  • Trend forecast of equipment operating status. Through the trend forecast of important parameters such as vibration and temperature, the safety management of production equipment is realized.
  • The unified management platform of equipment inspection system, precision analysis system and online monitoring system realizes the effective integration of different types of unit data. Realize closed-loop management from discovering and analyzing problems to solving problems.
  • Remote device monitoring based on the Internet of Things, realizing instant SMS alarm and mobile web browsing, greatly improving the utilization efficiency of system information and the high adaptability of transmission
  • Realize the docking with EAM and other systems, have a powerful secondary upgrade function, reserve data interfaces, and build a data fusion platform.
  • Solve information islands, integrate multi-system data, and finally realize early warning, analysis, monitoring, diagnosis, and guide maintenance.