Smart logistics

By solving the pain points existing in the warehouse management,

the management and control of each link in the business process

and operation scenarios improves the warehouse

management level and operation efficiency.

Solution overview

Relying on the Internet, extensively apply new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, and deeply integrate the Internet with the logistics industry to provide logistics data informatization products and services, logistics optimization solutions, and smart logistics park solutions And other services to realize the intelligentization of the logistics industry and improve the efficiency of logistics operations and service levels.

Intelligent IoT warehouse management

Through wireless Internet of Things and indoor map technology, the goods and vehicles in the warehouse are connected to realize the intelligent management of storage, movement, and storage.

Multidimensional to ensure transportation safety

Real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions, road conditions, and driver status, real-time calculations to discover potential hazards, and timely warnings to ensure the safety of logistics and transportation.

Improve pre-sorting accuracy

Customized retrieval strategies and address resolution optimization are performed for demand scenarios. Precise address resolution ensures the improvement of pre-sorting accuracy and improves sorting efficiency.

Solution features

Through the Internet of Things technology, indoor maps, and wireless sensor recognition, the location of the goods in the warehouse is associated with the location of the vehicle, the express locates the location of the goods and the vehicle, and the sorting path is planned; through the wireless sensor recognition technology, it automatically recognizes the incoming and outgoing goods , Real-time data synchronization to ensure consistency with the actual storage in the warehouse; real-time monitoring of the position of the goods in the warehouse, and alerting of the movement of goods at non-compliant times and locations.