Smart oil and gas solutions

The processing of massive data, the analysis of massive failures and abnormalities, can no longer use traditional data analysis Means to achieve. Relying on expert experience can no longer meet the urgent needs of oil and gas development and production, and it is urgent to combine artificial intelligence optimization methods to achieve an efficient increase in oil and gas production.

Solution overview

After nearly 60 years of development, China’s petrochemical industry has greatly improved in terms of automation equipment, technology, functions, and scale. Measurement and control devices are constantly updated and upgraded. Thousands of DCS and PLC (programmable controllers) are in operation. ) And IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) systems have become the main control methods for large and medium petrochemical companies. At the same time, with the in-depth development of the two industrializations, the petrochemical industry has to pay attention to the problems exposed in information security: each server or database system lacks effective unified monitoring, and cannot grasp the current status and operating trends of the system. The system is experiencing security It is not possible to alert in time during an attack. How to implement information security management and avoid risks has become the focus of the petrochemical industry.

Solution features

Real-time data collection

Support real-time data collection of petroleum equipment

Edge computing

Support real-time monitoring and alarming of equipment provided by edge computing
And diagnosis

Industrial Big Data

Provide a high-performance industrial big data basic platform to achieve massive
Real-time data storage and query

Digital twin

Provide a digital twin data model, support the construction of hierarchical
Asset model, associate the corresponding data structure

Artificial intelligence

Provide an efficient and convenient modeling platform, realize the development of artificial intelligence models through a simple and drag-and-drop method, and realize multiple analysis including equipment reliability, production conditions, and process analysis.
Analytical and predictive capabilities

Application development

Provide a fast application development platform