Company products

Provide edge intelligence solutions for the industry Internet of things (IoT) edge intelligence optimization and intelligent manufacturing, leading  to a safer and better future

Feiyun FlexCV

The  platform promotes digitization,informatization

and intelligentization of industries at all levels.


Swarm BeeCloud

Industrial predictive maintenance platform,

wearable device for industry machine.


A low power remote Internet of things(IoT) solution based on AI chip

Partners and customers

More than  30 partners and customers

Edge intelligence solution provider

Provide edge intelligence solutions for the industry Internet of things (IoT) edge ,intelligence optimization and intelligent manufacturing, leading  to a safer and better future

About us

Company profile

LangYang is an international leading IoT technology service provider, providing customers with modules, communication base stations and cloud platforms to achieve integrated, end-to-end IoT services.

Development course

In 2016, the company passed the evaluation as a recommended project and was admitted to the future science and technology city of hangzhou. With its core products developed independently, it has obtained various patent certificates and honors.


30+ strategic partners. LangYang will adhere to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win,  take business cooperation as the core, and work together with partners to create a vibrant IoT ecosystem.