Edge Computing

provide solutions of Edge intelligence for Industry-IoT
smarter 、safer 、more practical

Edge Computing & AI Chip

      The edge-smart AI chip enables data acquisition, analysis, computation, communication, and intelligence for every edge device in the Internet of Things. It leverages the power of cloud computing to leverage the cloud for large-scale security deployments, deployment and management of edge devices, and the ability to assign intelligence based on device type and context, so that intelligence works seamlessly across the cloud and the perimeter.

A variety of sensors

       Sensor features include: miniaturization, digital, intelligent, multi-functional, systematic, networked. It is to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of the most important part. The existence and development of sensors, so that the object has a sense of touch, taste and smell and other sensory, so that objects slowly become alive again.



       Use the most current LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. Based on LoRa spread spectrum communication technology, LoRaWAN features wide area communication, high capacity, low power consumption, low cost and anti-interference, which is suitable for many kinds of applications.


      Built on a cellular network, NB-IoT is an emerging technology that coexists with existing networks and is widely deployed worldwide. It has a wide coverage, more connections, low speed, low cost, low power consumption, superior architecture features.